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Health Information

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A student’s parent/guardian(s) shall present proof that the student received a health examination, with proof of the immunizations against, and screenings for, preventable communicable diseases, as required by the Illinois Department of Public Health, within one year prior to:
1. Entering kindergarten or the first grade
2. Entering the sixth grade
3. Enrolling in an Illinois school, regardless of the student’s grade State law provides regulations regarding what immunizations and/or screenings are required, the District/School Nurse will provide parents with this information.

Unless an exemption or extension applies, the failure to comply with the above requirements by October 15 of the current school year will result in the student’s exclusion from school until the required health forms are presented to the District. New students who register after October 15 of the current school year shall have 30 days following registration to comply with the health examination and immunization regulations. Details regarding exclusion from school due to failure to comply with the regulations will be provided by the District Certified School Nurse.

Student Immunization Data is submitted to the State Board of Education annually by November 15. On or before December 1 of each school year, the school district will make the Immunization data submitted to the state publicly available upon request.

Students entering the sixth grade are required to show proof of the receiving one dose of Tdap (defined as tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis) vaccine regardless of the interval since the last DTaP, DT, of Td dose. Students entering grades seven through twelve who have not already received Tdap are required to receive 1 Tdap dose regardless of the interval since the last DtaP, DT, or Td dose.

For information related to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Health Requirements, please click here

For information related to the Illinois Department of Public Health immunizations resources, please click here

Permanent Health Records for 8th grade students: All permanent health records for 8th grade students will be routinely transferred to the high school the student is scheduled to attend in preparation for their 9th grade entrance to high school. Health records will be transferred confidentially and securely, just prior to the end of the current academic year. Once the permanent records have been forwarded, all inquiries for health records must be in conjunction with the high school.    District immunization information

The Illinois Board of Education (ISBE) requires that school districts complete an immunization survey annually.  Information in the survey includes the total number of children enrolled, the total number of children in compliance, and the total number of children not in compliance for a physical exam, and each of the nine disease catergories, by grade level.     The immunization survey for each school in Queen Bee School District 16 can be obtained by clicking the link below or contacting our District Nurse, Tammie Murphy, RN, PEL-IL, at     Queen Bee School District 16 Immunization survey Queen Bee ECC Immunization survey Glen Hill Immunization Survey
Americana Immunization Survey
Glenside Immunization Survey   Additional information about the immunization survey can be found on the ISBE Website